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    I recently found the ##786 code for diagnostics. This is neat.

    #777 or so allows one to use the phone as a modem.

    While drinking, my one friend called Sprint and asked about call forwarding and the operator gave him a bunch of options and codes.

    Does anybody have a FULL or PARTIAL list of diagnostic codes, Sorint codes, and any other codes that are fun and useful?
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    Bump! I'd like to know too!
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    Got this off another thread a week or so ago: (did a search one day on 'error codes')


    This spells out ##err and stands for error. It displays the last error which caused a soft reset, and the program that was running, line number etc


    This spells ##debug and is the CDMA phone info screen containing a bunch of technical data on your curent signal and tower connection.


    This the Phone Information Page. It tells you how many minutes the unit has on it, how much data has transpired, the warranty date, software versions, etc.

    ##774 PRI Checksum and allowing you to reset phone to factory default settings

    ##3282 Logon to vision data
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    cool thanks nrosser
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    Quote Originally Posted by broberob
    cool thanks nrosser
    Some of the available Codes are "Good to have".

    I have attached a pic of the Debug Screen for those who are curious.

    ~ Carl "ArcBody"
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    a very interesting cradle... is the battery attached to the stand?
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    Quote Originally Posted by broberob
    a very interesting cradle... is the battery attached to the stand?
    broberob ~ Yes - a Treo 600 External Battery-Based Treo 600 Cradle.

    A customer required Treo / Cable mounting & removal using only left hand.

    I sent him a 3.8MB video (AVI) to demonstrate.

    If you would like me to send this video to you, please request via direct email: - with a return email address that can accept 3.8MB

    Regards, Carl "ArcBody"

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