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    Hi everybody, I am new to the Treo community and to mystery shopping. Id like to be the first to say that entering shop information on the treo is AMAZING!
    Sassie or apollo sites work great.

    Has anybody had any experience with the treo on other sites not allowing you to load the page due to a floating frames or popups issue? Any comments will help and be appreciated.

    Treo rocks!

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    Also if anybody has any mystery shopping tips or tricks or neat uses of treo for mystery shopping, this is a great place to do so!

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    Mystery shopping?!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdType
    Mystery shopping?!?
    Yea I guess its new to alot of people... Mystery shopping is the process of going into a store and evaluating customer service, then filling out a report and getting paid and/or reimbursed for purchases

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    I typically use memo pad to take notes, especially on complicated ones. Staff usually doesn't notice, and it's less conspicuous than paper and pen.
    I don't work for any companies that don't use the SASSIE system, so I don't know how others load on Blazer.
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    How do you get in on this mystery shopper deal?
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    OOOooooohhh.... so like a "secret shopper"?

    LOL I was so lost the first couple of posts
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    How do you get in on this mystery shopper deal?
    you can do a google search for mystery shopping and apply right on the websites... lots of companies out there, find what you are interested in!


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