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    I know there are a number of PC and server based systems that will push corporate Exchange email to the Treo 600. (And for a number of reasons, adding any other software to the Exchange server or my pc at work is out) But most of my needs are met by combining the alert system that T-Mobile offers (sending a SMS if email is sent by certain people or containing certain words in the subject) with Blazer's GPRS connection to my corporate Outlook Web Access.

    The problem is that it's so damn slow, and I have to enter name, then my domain and name, then password, and wait for all of this to happen. While I'm not a programmer, I'm hoping someone has writen some kind of macro that would hold a name, domain/name, and password in a file and by just activating it, I would get my OWA inbox.

    Any suggestions?
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    self-serving bump

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