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    hi guys, newbie here... messed up a little bit on the unlock/upgrade wanted to see if someone can help

    i have a treo600 gsm and i unlocked it per the insctructions using METHOD C. and now it is unlocked fine and works ok but....

    i did not write down the serial# etc before the upgrade, is there a way to retreive it? i do have the box and all but dont see it there on it.

    just had the treo for 24 hrs now and am feeling bad i missed it out the instructions on the bottom of the page mention that u have to write down the info but was not there in the unlock instructions (which i followed to the T)

    please let me know if there is hope to get the orig info back in there..

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    do you mean the serial number thats on the back of the phone...I havent upgraded so not sure if the number you reference is the serial number of the phone

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    The serial number is written on the sticker on the back. It's the second number that starts with something like HACAD.

    If you need instructions for writing it back to the phone as well as ways for retrieving the other missing information then send me a PM.
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    sorry for the delay in replying... i was out of town.. ok i got the SN the HSGAD.... from the box. what is the SA number and what do I want in the software as of right now

    SA Number : 10012...
    and Software is Treo600-1.12/1030/02... (cant see any furthur) i beleive both came form the upgrade..

    thanlks for ur help

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