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    palmone should really include treocentral in the next treo's blazer home page.

    honestly, this is the best resource for new treo owners to learn how to get the most out of their smartphones - NO QUESTION!

    With all the treo enthusiasts and IT engineers gathered together in one site here, this is the best resource to gather knowledge and ways to enhance the treo user experience.

    this would really be the best tech support that palmone could offer their new treo customers.
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    I'm not sure how happy P1 is with all the threads about unlocking the Treo...apart from that, I fully agree with you. The link should appear in every About and Help box.
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    What is the web address to use for the T600 for Treo Central?.... thanks
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    Well, you can go to for a Treo600 optimized version of Treocentral.

    There once was a time that you could access the forums through there....


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