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    So I have a Sprint Treo 600 HW RevA, SW 1.10.

    I bought it on launch day, and activated it on October 11th, 2003.

    I realize that Li-Ion batteries are only good for between 200 and 400 cycles, but I'm worried that mine has already gone south.

    I am probably a medium to high end user, talking about 2 hours a day, snapper gets my mail every hour between 9 and 7. and use it about another hour every day either web browsing, or games, or whatever. So I have to charge it every night.

    In the begining, I could use it like this, starting from a full charge, and it would have about 40-60% remaining at the end of the night when I plugged it in. It would charge fully over night, and I could repeat this. Some times I forgot to charge, and it was able to barely eek through the next day. It has never completely died on me.

    Starting 2 months ago, I started getting the network search error. For a while it was really bad, but it has since tapered down, and only shows up once or twice a week. Never bad enough to where I can't make a call after a couple of tries. But the battery it acting wierd.

    It can't charge completely without coaxing. It frequently only charges to 75% and gives a green LED saying it's fully charged. When I coax it a little, soft reset, a little usage, I can get it to say %100 full. But when I do anything, turn it on after I unplug it, check email, play an mp3, it immediately drops to 90%. A few calls later and it's at 70%. Right now it's 3:30pm and it's already at 46%. It will be in the red by the end of the day.

    What the heck is going on here? Is anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? I feel it needs to re-calibrate the voltage meters in the software, but I can't find the utility to do so. My laptop has a utility to 'learn' the capacity of the battery to better report it's status, the treo has no such program. Has anyone seen anything like this with a palm?

    Finally, if it is decided that my battery has reached EOL. What do I do. I have ERP, but that seems like abuse of the system to use that. I recently bought a replacement battery for a laptop and was very happy with a 3rd party's battery. I've seen such things for Treo 300s but nothing yet for the 600.

    Any help/comments would be appriciated. Sorry for the long post.

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    I think you should take your phone in to a Sprint store that has testing capabilities (not all do) and have them run a quick test on it. I also have seen funky battery readings, and then lately started seeing the network search thing. Took mine in today, had them test it, and they're sending me a new one.
    My point is that you can get a new one if it fails the test, and it's not really like you're abusing the system or the process, just receiving a working phone within your warranty period.
    Might as well have it tested - nothing to lose.
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    So wierd. I haven't taken it in yet, (probably will sometime in the near future) but I think I've fixed it.

    Usually, as I described, I only charge it at night. I started taking the charger into work and leaving it plugged in all day too. I un plug it to use it, and at lunch, let it go down 10-30% then charge it back up, and today, it has been its old self again.

    Charged to 100% last night (I turned wireless off to charge faster), used it the whole commute (about 30 min of phone usage) and it's at 90% full! Yay!

    I'll report if this holds true for a couple of days, but it seems as thought the treo got confused about the true capacity of the battery and was reporting incorrect percentages as well as stopping charging short of full capacity. Forcing it to drain/charge a couple of cycles seems to have reset it's circuits.

    This seems like a side-effect of the 'always-on' nature of this device. The battery never gets a rest, it's either charging, or discharging, it never just sits without a load on it, and I think over time, the circuitry gets off.

    Anyways, thanks for the tip. I'll definitly take it in if I have any more problems.

    Side note: Haven't had any network search errors yet either. Maybe Friday I'll let it go way down and see if I have problems.
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    Brought mine in for battery issues and occasional network search warning, and they are replacing it tomorrow, good thing because now i am getting network search warnings on any call without 4 bars of signal!

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