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    I used to be a Mac guy - since 1984. After working with Windows and for the "Blue" for several years, I want to go back to real computers. However, I've read here of a few limitations that Mac users are currently experiencing when synching their T600s. (photo sync, for one, thought there are workarounds.) Can anyone outline any other "bizarreness" that I might encounter when I switch? Does anyone sync with both a Mac and a Windows machine from the same T600? (I currently sync to 2 XP machines without problems.)

    [Please, no harrassment about why I'd switch to a Mac, etc. Just curious if I'm limiting myself in anyway so I can be prepared. ]

    Thanks for everyone's help!!
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    I sync with a PowerBook at home and a Windows 2000 box at work, and I've had few problems. I would suggest setting the default conduit settings to "Handheld overrides desktop" on one of those machines, and always add new info on the Treo iteself, or the other machine. Not necessary, but I find I get the occasional duplicate or error when all three machines are flowing info back and forth. I also forget to hotsync at home more often than I would like to admit, so I invested in an SD card and a backup program, so that there's always a very current backup of my entire Treo at my disposal, even when I'm away from my computers. I have it set to auto backup every morning at 3 a.m., when I tend to be asleep.

    For the Mac software, I just use the Palm Desktop that came with the Treo, with iSync overriding the Contacts and Calendar conduits to sync with Adress Book and iCal.

    The first time I tried iSync with all of my old Palm data, I did have some issues. Lots of duplicates, sometimes dupes that were moved to the previous day, etc. Took me a little cleaning up after the first sync. Then it was fine. I suggest making a backup of everything you have prior to that first Mac sync, just to be sure.

    And I still hate the fact that categories don't sync with the multiple calendars in iSync. I'm usually one to defend Apple to the bitter end, but I really do think that they need to put a little more effort into the Palm portion of iSync. It's not quite there yet. It's slow, and it's not nearly as seamless as the rest of the Mac experience. I have lots of friends who sync their phones and have far fewer problems. But the calendar programs and contact databases on phones aren't nearly as powerful or complex as the Palm.

    I also got Missing Sync recently, which allows me to mount my SD card, so I can transfer photos and other files. Much faster than hotsyncing them, anyway.

    Have fun with your new Mac.
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    I think pretty much everything is covered on the board.
    I use:
    iSync - for address, cal and todo
    Palm Memo conduit - for Memos
    Documents To Go - Word, Excel
    Pocket Quicken - Quicken
    FMSync for JFile X- FileMaker Pro
    Splash ID
    The Missing Sync - iTunes and iPhoto
    Pilotinstall for installing app without HotSync

    what else do you really need.
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    I have had zero problems, though I have heard of the photo sync issue you outlined, but it's minor in my opinion. I think you'll be very happy and surprised how easy it is. I'm not going to list all my programs but I do use iSync for Address, iCal and to-do.

    Hope this helps.
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    A good workaround I have found for photo sync is to get an SD and SplashPhoto. If you set the camera app to use the card as the default category, it will automatically save each photo onto the card. This then makes it readable by SplashPhoto on the Treo and to the SplashPhoto conduit. The, everytime you hotsync, the photos will get transferred to SplashPhoto desktop and you can do whatever you want with them from there. It works pretty well and SplashPhoto is well worth it.
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    I've been using my Treo 600 w/ my Powerbook with no issues. iSync syncs all my address book stuff and iCal stuff, Memo syncs my memos with Palm Desktop (I wish it synced all with iCal or Address Book), iTreo syncs my photos that I've taken and left on my Treo's internal memory (Ones that I export to my SD card goes to Splash Photo). All third party conduits work.

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    My power book and treo did not get along at first. I wanted one program for all: email,contacts,to do lists ect..
    Entourage was the answer and I do sync with the hotsync thru palm desktop. Just had to download isync 2.1 (i think) first thru mactopia.
    I use itreo for pics, no probs with that. No need IMO for sd card
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    Wow! Thanks for all the great replies. I will definitely look into a backup program and SplashPhoto then. (I used up my trial period earlier, but liked it when I was previously using it. Just putting in some time after the initial software buying spree last November.)

    Oh, that reminds me... Has anyone had trouble downloading apps and installing them from their Mac? ie, do most companies offer a StuffIt version of the .prcs or zip files that you can download from the web? Also, if I've purchased a program a while ago and want/need to re-install from my Mac, do most companies [dare] make me pay again for a different file to download for installation from my Mac?

    I started to get worried about my future purchase when I read a few things on the boards, but now I'm more assured that it shouldn't be too bad. Man, I can't WAIT to get my new Mac... haven't used one (except at the Apple Store) since System 7.5...
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    I've found that most developers do have zip files for download (The built in Finder handles that easily enough) and I have had a fairly pleasant experience with Dataviz in getting them to get my profile updated for my copy of Docs to go (Windows) changed to reflect the Mac version so I could get my upgrade pricing.
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    Mustard is right. I don't know why web sites still list separate .zip and .sit downloads for Mac and PC. Your Mac by default can open .zip files without any problem. And the PRCs inside those archives don't care from which platform they were installed. The only time you run into an issue is when a Palm app has a desktop counterpart (as with Docs to Go).

    I've never run into a company that would charge you again to get a Mac version of their desktop counterpart for a Palm program after you've paid for the Windows version. Usually, the app is a free download for registered users.

    If you've been away from the Mac since 7.5, you're going to love Panther. It's a whole new world with OSX.
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    One problem I have with my iMac is that if I sync the T600 with Palm Desktop after using iSync with the built-in Address Book for previous syncs, the Palm Desktop inserts a second copy of all my contacts, because it handles categories differently than Address Book does. Now, when I sync to Palm Desktop, I choose "handheld overwrites mac" to prevent doubling up on the contacts. (To fix it if it happens, just delete the Addresses file on the T600 and sync again with iSync, or restore from BackupMan)

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