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    I saw this on some thread buried deep down and thought it was worthy of mentioning. I cant find it again and I cant take credit for it but I will explain what I read. It seems to be a pretty simply work around.

    I got my 4th replacement unit today and it still has a speakerphone echo. Not as bad as the last but still there.

    So this is what you do. When a call is placed to you and you want to use speakerphone, activate speakerphone, turn speakerphone off and then back on again, this seems to work. Same thing on placing a call, activate, turn off then back on again. Not very elegant but it seems to work for some reason.

    I use a GSM phone on ATT. The latest phone that arrived came with the INT version of the software as oppose to the ATT version so I dont know if that has something to do with it either.

    Give it a shot, it may work for you.

    good luck

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    Actually, you can't answer a call in speakerphone mode, therefore there should be no echo on the receiving end and no need toggle on incoming calls. On my unit there is an echo only when dialing out in speakerphone mode before the receiving end picks up. If you dial out in headset mode allow the person to answer and then switch to speakerphone there is no echo. If you must dial out in speakerphone mode then the toggle back and forth seems to clear the echo that they are hearing.

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    Rob, your fix did nothing to resolve the speakerphone echo for me.

    Treo number 6 is on its way to me. I've told them twice now that I will stop sending them back and stop having them send me new ones if they will admit that all of them have echos. They are stubborn about saying that it isn't a universal problem so they will pay the shipping to keep sending them to me until such time as they send me one that doesn't have an echo or until they admit they all have the echo.
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    MVT, who do you have service thru. My treo #3 had echo real bad, #4 much better, and the above workaround seems to work...but dont know if it would work on my treo #3 becuase it was sooooo bad.

    couple of other notes, the camera on this unit is much improved, the screen has a blue tint and not as clear as unit #3 but I can live with it if the echo is gone. I will eventually not see the difference after a while (I hope).

    good luck on number 6

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    I have Cingular GSM in Los Angeles.

    The story on #5 was pretty comical. After assuring me that the "new" ones resolved the speaker phone echo, and after having my ship date delayed twice because inventory was low on them, I opened the package when it arrived to see the old Handspring logo staring me in the face. That's right....they sent me an old refurbished one instead of one of the "new" ones that resolved the speakerphone echo.

    Needless to say, I called right away to request another one.
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    I think they're just rotating the refurbished units among us! Probably to avoid getting a financial hit on writing off the defective units. But the shipping costs add up I'm sure not to mention the lost customers.

    It's ridiculous that they send us units that are so obviously defective that it requires no effort to conclude that they never tested them at all. What can we do to change palmOne's horrendous product replacement practice? I started the thread below and somebody suggested writing the WSJ:
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    Hey Rob,

    I'm now getting Treo #7 because the 6th one screen developed some also turned out to be a refurbished one (Handspring logo)...

    Does anyone have an opinion about whether the refurbished ones are doing better with the speaker phone echo (now that firmware 3.05 is out)?

    Also, I noticed PalmOne is getting a lot more inquisitive about things before they issue advanced exchanges....
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    Do you use the Treo cover? If yes try to remove it and talk while the phone is on its face. The echo should go. Thatís what I read somewhere, but can't find the thread now. Try it might work.
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    i am familiar with the switching of the speakerphone off then on again, i foulnd this to work for me also. although it is a tad annoying for those on the other end.

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