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    Quote Originally Posted by greendrinks
    - T-mobile has SMS which works extremely well (but it's not free). Sprint's SMS is yet to be rolled out.
    I think Sprint's SMS has been out for at least a little while now (2-3 months??). I consistently get SMS messages from friends who use other wireless providers and have no trouble responding to them from my Treo 600 using the integrated SMS app that came with the device. Only a few Sprint phones support it though (the Treo 600 obviously being one of them)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by espresso
    Well, I had to find out just how much faster the Sprint Treo was compared to my Tmo GSM phone. I took my Treo to my local Sprint store and stood in front of the display and held my phone up to the Sprint version and watched the two race to complete a page load. *No one said anything but they did look at me a couple of times.

    I typed in URL's that I knew there would be no images in the cache in either phone and then launched them at the same time.

    Just one example of a web site that I timed at the Sprint store:

    Web site tested:
    Sprint load time: 2 minutes and 23 seconds.
    Tmobile load time: 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

    I tested several other sites and found that Sprint was consistantly twice as fast as my GSM Palm Treo 600 on Tmobile.

    I think I can sacrafice a little battery life and a few grams to get internet speed that is twice as fast on my Treo. Too bad my contract is not up until August. I think I might be switching to Sprint at that time.
    Glad you were able to compare them side by side. IMO, Sprint's data network is clearly the best (at least in terms of speed) of any of the US carriers and for that reason alone I will stick with them despite any other advantages the GSM Treo 600 may offer. I don't travel internationally but I do use data just as much as voice (possibly even more) and therefore want my Treo running on the best data network out there (whoever offers it).

    I also know that coverage varies greatly by area but anytime I go on a roadtrip with my buddies and we're in multiple cars, there have been numerous instances where I have a good, strong signal and they have none and thus I cannot talk to them but the reverse situation has never occured. I think its because Sprint covers the major highways well (at least where I've traveled) if nothing else. That's just been my experience though, I'm sure others have experienced the complete opposite (bad CDMA coverage, good GSM coverage).
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