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    Went to power up wireless yesterday, screen made some weird colors... tried a few buttons and it ended up doing a hard reset. Went home and installed the backup through hotsync from a few days earlier and it did what appeared to be an uncommanded battery disconnect reset. Got it running again and reinstalled a backup I had just done via backup buddy.

    No data losing resets since but a few soft resets and a few scares (once screen got very dark but still readable).

    On the road now posting via Treo, hopefully some valuable replies by the time I get home.

    Its a Sprint CDMA Rev. B over 6 months old. Purchased from Best Buy with service warrenty. ##377 is telling me:

    Line:300, Host wake not
    asserted in time

    First time it reported it from Wassup app, since crashes are unknown app. Keep gettin vision disconnects and searching for signal.

    I fear I need to return it, seems like a hardware failure.
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    That could indicate a hardware problem. If you search here, there are 2 topics that have mentioned the error message.
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    Thanks Alex. I read those threads. I figured there'd be more people who had experienced this phenomenom by now. I guess it's a rare occurance.

    Judging by the previous threads regarding this, it sounds like it's time to get it replaced. I hear the palmOne screens are even worse than the Handspring ones. :/

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