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    I need some help.

    After i download an attachment ( .doc file) from e-mail to my Treo 600 using Visto and tap on the attachment.. my Treo does a soft reset. Visto support says the problem is with my Third Party app for viewing Docs. I am using I-Silo Free. Is there another app I could use?
    Bruce in Belle Harbor
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    Docs-to-Go from Dataviz works. You got the stripped-down version free with your Treo, but the full version offers some additional features that you may want.
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    Downloaded trial of Quickoffice, and deleted I-Silo.
    Same Problem.. soft reset when I tap on doc to read.
    So it is probably something with Treo???

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    The first thing I would look at is whether you are using current version of the software, i.e., versions compatible with PalmOS 5. Older sw will trigger resets, including hard resets, and hangs. Have you tried the free Docs-to-go? I gather you have a reason for not wanting to use it, but you at least can be sure that it is compatible with the Treo, so if DTG also has the problem you at least know it's something else. Next question is, does the problem occur viewing all documents, some documents, or just one document in particular. The problem may lie in the document that perfectly good sw is trying to open. If the sw is current and the problem occurs on all documents, or documents you know to be sound, you probably need to broaden your search for bad or old sw to other (unrelated) apps. Are you running anything exotic, and are you experiencing any other strange behavior on the Treo?
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    I replied to this same issue on that other board, letting nyy7 know that I also see some soft resets with Visto and a file reader - in my case, it is QuickOffice, and I mostly see soft resets with Excel files, not Word.
    So I tend to think the issue is mostly with Visto, not iSilo, or DTG, or QO. When Visto tries to launch that other app, here's what the soft reset log looks like, in my case:

    Crash while running Visto.
    instruction 4E6F at
    address 10027208

    so - does that mean anything to anyone? The Visto folks are clueless.
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    Now that you say it, I vaguely recall problems like this when I was using Visto. It's one of the reasons I switched awhile back to SymmetryPro. And you are also right that trying to get technical help from Visto is maddening.

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