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    Just checked and there's an updated version available. I haven't put it on the Treo to check it yet. Now supports Ogg Vorbis and Midi.
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    MIDI playback doesn't work very well on my Treo 600 (rev B with firmware 3.04). It seemed to take up more processing power playing native MIDI than WAV? Can someone confirm if this is the case or if I should be changing my setup?
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    I Just updated, and it will not play my Ogg Vorbis files, off my SD card with out choppy playback. I have a T600, sprint w/ 1.20 update. I think it has to do with processing power, and how it related to sound files. It plays back video without a problem. Tried multiple settings, and buffer adjustments. It plays mp3 files off the card fine. PTunes handles the files fine. Looks like they need to refine the product re: the new codecs that they now support.
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    Forgot to mention the version I loaded, and am running is 0.2.12 (most current)
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