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    Hi All: I have just managed to buy a second hand Treo 600 GSM. Probably the first in pakistan. Please could someone help me with the following settings:
    1. In the preferences/ Format why can i not see Pakistan? I have to be content using India while i can set the location for the time as Pakistan.
    2. The Profile application is great. Except i have been using Nokia phones and am kinda used to using timed profiles. Anyone know how i may be able to get such an application?
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    You can create new cities by hitting your Home key (while in the City Time app) > Edit cities > New. You can temporarily copy the GMT settings and Location (Latitude and Longtitude).
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    Thanks! but, i do not have a problem in setting the time of my city - Karachi. The problem is in the initial setup of the Treo and in the settings of the Format in Preferences where only a limited set of countries is provided.
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    I have Pakistan in the location for setting time zone in the Preference > Set Time Zone. It's between P.R.C and Philippines.
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    Please go to Preferences/Formats.... then look at "preset to:" it is here that i find a limited set of countries... any way to add to this list??
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    Ah, I see now. It is missing Pakistan. Can you set it for any other country other than India? This option is just for date/time formats, start of week option and number display format which can be set individually.

    Sorry to miss Pakistan on this list. Please send a request to Pa1mOne so they can add to the next update.
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    i can set that to any country on the list. but it affects the basic time settiongs and thus time needs to be changed.
    also plse advise me the url/site where i may be able to send the relavent request to palm1
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    btw any thoughts on my second problem with timed profiles??
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    Sorry, I don't understand why Preference > Formats affect time. Your time settings are set on Preference > Date & Time > Set Time Zone.
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    There are two sets of applications available now for profile management but I don't believe they are timed profile management: Profiles which is still in beta, and Profiler which also in beta,

    There are threads in here that also recommend other applications. Just be careful as these software may not all work together. Always backup and evaluate before purchasing.
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    if you try and change the country in the preference/format then you will see what it does to the basic time settings...granted that it is only a one time change but, still annoying.
    also do u have the link where i may request palm1 to add a country in this area??
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    I have no problem changing my Preference > Formats as it still keeps the same time value of date and time for me. It may change formats but nothing else.

    For email, you can try support:
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    I'd watch Profiler closely for timed profiles, it's under development and should have them shortly.
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    The author of profiles has said he's working on timed profiles as well. We'll just have to wait to see when.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    The author of profiles has said he's working on timed profiles as well. We'll just have to wait to see when.
    Yep, I'm aware of that. I've been watching the progress of both of them and have tried both on my device at some point. It's hard to say which one I like more since both are working on adding features (though currently Profiles has more of what I want in a working version available for download).

    Considering the developer of Profiler mentioned a few days ago that he already has some form of scheduling working in his current build, I'm thinking his might be available sooner than later...

    Eventually both will have it. It will be a matter of how it's implemented and how much it costs that will be the deciding factor between them for me.

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