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    Does anyone know what is the best audio recording program to d/load - I have Easynotes on a trial basis but when it is set to go off as an alarm, set against a voice message, it resets the Treo each time. I heard that Audacity is good, but that does not seem to work with the Treo 600, unless I am mistaken. Look forward to replies.
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    Audacity DVR works perfectly on the new firmware (3.04) (or atleast the newest demo does - Cant record phone calls though :sob

    Give it a shot.

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    Many thanks.....
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    P.S. Can you tell me where you d/loaded the latest version, I thought I had the latest but it does no work,,,get error saying after I install " Error, five way navigation is not supported" I think there must be a later version somewhere. My version is shown as V.1.0

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