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    The silence from the TC staff on the‹

    Ah screw this crappy slow Blazer TC forum Most of what I typed did not come through.

    The silence from the TC staff on the status of the mobil forum is deafening. Very unprofessional.

    Anyone else feel the same?
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    Not me. When they start charging for access then I'll start complaining.
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    Well, I like to have an update now and then though... Wassup fellas, is there hope or are all the old posts gone forever?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus
    The TC Staff has been overworked recently. In addition to the site, we all have other projects in the pot. We are sorry for the lack updates and the overall status of the site.

    The good news is the Micheal Ducker (Miradu) will go full time over his summer break, and this will enable us to add a lot of fresh content.

    The mobile site forums will be up by Wednesday evening. Still no word on the data recovery.

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