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    Hey there,

    Thought I was beyond the hardware defects, after three units, echo problems, feedback, buzzing, locking up, soft resets......thought nothing else could go wrong.
    Well today, the speaker quit working, now I have to talk either with a hands free kit or through speaker phone! Called to get a 4th replacement, and now I have to wait a few weeks until it arrives.
    I just don't understand how my wifes Motorola V60 that cost $40 can last without a problem for years, and a $500 device can't last one month?
    I was thinking about getting rid of this unit all together, just too much heart ache, especially since this unit is used for work more than pleasure, and it is very unprofessional if it is never working.
    Thanks for reading all my venting!!!!!

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    I am on my second one... There is an annoying buzz in the normal ear speaker. I have called Sprint on the 800 number (business account) and I got the runaround with them wanting to charge me for a new one then send it in to be "tested" and have the money credited to my sprint account, not refunded. I'm pretty tee'd off over this. Does this sound like status-quo or did I just get a crappy person on the phone?????


    Also, the 2nd treo that I now have has a pretty bad battery life compared to the original purchased treo 600. Anyone else have these problems?????
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    Flyinjack, what case do you use with your Treo?
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    I use the seido holster
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    The same problem happened to me too. My regular speaker just stopped working and I had to talk using the headset or through the speaker phone. I returned mine at Best Buy for a new T600 with the PalmOne logo on it and no problems yet (knock on wood). That was my third replacement since october... I hope the bugs are being fixed as they keep releasing the phones.

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