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    I have a had a 270 for a while now and just got a warranty replacement from t-mobile. When I first powered on the phone, The date and time was on the front of my phones main screen... I loved this, as my first treo 270 did not have this. Well, when I synced with outlook, it went back to the way my old phone was, and now has no date and time on the main phone page (the speed dial page). How do I get these back?

    Also, while I am here, there is 2 other things that really bug me about his phone that might be able to be fixed with software.

    1. No Voicemail indicator
    2... and most important, when you go to send an sms message, the keyboard lights go out and won't come on,,, what is this all about and can I fix it?

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    Oh ya, and the icon to get all my incoming and outgoing calls screen is gone as well.... My old phone had this on the far right of the little icons at the bottom left of the main phone screen. I really want this back!
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    To have the date and time show again, from the speed dial screen hit menu command, select "edit speed dial" and select the speed dial that you want the time to show in and type in "&time" (without quotes) do the same for the date by selecting another speed dial and type in "&time" (without quotes).
    Double tap the power button to light up the keyboard in any other application. Also have a look at Mlights to solve this.
    To access the call log hit the command key followed by y.
    These changes all occurred with the gprs upgrade that you original 270 didn't have apparently.
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    Right on man! Nice to get all those issues fixed. What other shortcuts can you use with the comand key?

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