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    A few weeks ago, my original T600 was replaced because I could no longer stand the white spots that it had shipped with. I was happy not only because this fixed my screen issue, but because it gave me a new and unscratched Treo. The previous one had a small nick in on the lower right corner, you see. No reasonable human on the planet would mind it, but I'm not quite reasonable about these things.

    So there I was in perfect condition bliss.

    Which, of course, could not last. On Sunday morning, as I was cycling down 6th Avenue to the beginning of the Bike New York ride, my Treo leapt from my (apparently unzipped) pocket, hitting the mean streets of New York at 25 mph or so. It slid about 50 feet until it hit a manhole cover and popped into for a short hop to a stop.

    [crazy homeless person taking it hostage for a dollar story omitted]

    And, miracle of miracles, it works just fine. Keys all work. No screen damage. Pictures just as (awful?) good as ever. Lucky, I think.

    But the case took a beating. Scratched all to hell. Fuuuugly. I know this isn't a warranty issue - I dropped the damn thing (well, I am pretty sure it leapt on its own, but somehow I don't think that changes the coverage issue . . .). I don't really want to buy a new T600, but I wouldn't mind paying for a new shell.

    Anyone try to get the parts shipped to them before? I am pretty sure I could pull the guts from the old and reassemble the new. I plan to call Palm later tonight, but would appreciate any advice in advance. Many thanks.


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    Same deal here, My Treo 600 did a powerslide on the sidewalk coming out of Kinko's. The Front is all scratched up but it works fine. I would love to know where we can get new plastics. I would also be willing to dissasmble one to get the shell. If you find a source please let me know. I'd pay up to $35 for the front plastics in new condition. You can eMail me... GearForMusic at AOL dot com.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacknell
    I plan to call Palm later tonight, but would appreciate any advice in advance.
    So much for that route. They don't sell those parts directly (in fact, the rep directed me toward - a useful site I'd not been aware of before). Seems my only option is to get it sent in for repair. "It's like, uh, more than $200" says the rep.

    Here's hoping that's not what I have to do. $200 my *** . . .

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