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    What are my options for using my Treo 600 as a wireless modem for my Windows notebook? I am familiar with PdaNet, but what free options exist for nontechnical folks?

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    I believe there is no free option.
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    Free? Eh... good luck! However, there was an old thread about somehow getting the Treo to work as a modem in tethered mode....
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    Actually it looks like there are solutions there for everything... including Linux.

    I've known this programmer for a long time and he's very good. He is now employed at Missing Synch (they have a Clie synch program for Mac).
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    I use WModem on FreeBSD. If I use the USB cable, I get about 230K transferred before the T600 locks up. With the Serial cable, I can transfer as much as I want.

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