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    I just got my new Treo from Palm One and activated it with Cingular service.

    Issue #1 - before purchasing I noticed there was no place in the order to say "I want to change my number from x to Cingular". I called support and they said no problem, do this when you get the phone.

    Issue #2 - I called Cingular today and they told me the SIM card in the phone already has been activated and the only way they can help me is sell me a new SIM card from $25-$35 dollars with my ATT number on it (not sure why the price variation - I didn't ask).

    At this point, I guess I go to a Cingular kiosk or store in the mall and get some help.

    If this is true, I am pissed at Palm One though. This whole issue could have been avoided.

    Suggestions? I searched the site, but didn't see this anywhere.

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    As a Cingular agent, I will answer a few bits..

    1) Different stores charge different amounts for the SmartChip (sim card). Seems different per market. My store charges $20/ea and that's typical around here. I think the cheapest I've seen on is $10. Depends where you go.

    2) Going to a Cingular company store might reap you a free new smartchip if you tell them that you are a new customer and feel 'wronged'. If you are a new customer, then you are still in that honeymoon period where you can cancel the line for any reason.

    Hope it helps-
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    Thanks Wildcard. I did just that. They are helping me out with a new SIM card (no cost).

    I also got a chance to talk to another about something else that happened. When I ordered the Treo, Cingular had an unlimited internet package for 19.95/month. Now that I have the phone, they don't have it any longer. There is a business plan they are putting me on, unlimited, but a little more.

    Extremely glad I went to the store and got a few extras while there.

    After being with AT&T for years (including purchasing the very first StarTac in Central Florida for $1250, I never got this kind of service).

    If I can readjust from the Pocket PC (things just work/sync with Windows) back to the Palm OS, I'll be fine... kinda like coming back from the borg, but most of the implants will be able to be extracted.

    Thanks for the help.

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    The MEdia Works plan is still active and available to the end of June I believe. Why did they not offer it to you at $19.99? What price did they give you the internet access at?

    There have been rumors that some people have been getting the same plan for $25 instead of $20 due to hooking the phone up to a laptop to use as a modem. Other CSRs are waiving the extra charge.

    Tell me what they gave you, planwise.

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    I got the impression it was the wireless internet express (but with unlimited minutes -- so maybe that was the same as the media works plan -- I would guess that you would know for sure)

    The price was $39.99. Apparently for the business user.

    I did tell them that I wanted an always on connection and that from time to time if I was in a airport that had no wifi I would want to use the treo to download my email.

    Are you suggesting I should push for the media works plan instead. I have to go back today at 11 to finish up.
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    The Cingular agent was able to add the Media Works package for $19.95. I am stuck in number portability hell, but I can surf the web at least. Ah, the life.

    However, I did just try to send an MMS message and got "access denied: user barred". Not sure exactly what that means.

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