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    I recently broke my original 270, and got a new one (hooray for the warranty) from tmobile. On the initial HotSync, the phone got all my contacts, settings, speed dial, etc from the old phone, installed my old apps and I was set, everything operated smoothly, almost as if I didn't change the phone. Now is no longer the case unfortunatly. Every time I press the sync button, I get asked to verify that the Palm User name is the correct one (it is the only choice). Additionally, the Palm software goes through the initial sync every time, reinstalling my copies AvantGo, upIRC, VeriChat, and TakePhone (which I don't even use anymore). It is not iSyncing up with any of my Address Book or iCal info either for some reason. If anyone knows how to remedy this issue, I would be greatly appreciative; being able to sync my phone correctly, and not have it take 5 minutes would be excellent.
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    It seems that you have to reinstall the Handspring Software. On the Handspring Website you will find a registry Tool for Windows which removes the rest . First you have to backup your data and move that directory it to a safe location.

    Good luck !

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