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    I have discovered potentially serious problem with the way iSync synchronizes the Treo address book. The iGolf GPS unit, which runs the Mapopolis Navigator software stores any new coordinates entered using the GeoMark menu in the address book in the Custom 1 field. The problem is that iSync does NOT synchronize this field with the OS X Address book, so in the event that you have to restore the Treo from the Mac address book, you'll loose all the GPS points you entered. The non-ideal solution would be to copy and paste the data from the Custom 1 field into the Note field, which gets Synced with the Note field in the Apple address book. Following the restore, it would again be necessary to copy and paste each point into the Custom field on the Treo. This would be a royal pain, so a better solution would be welcomed if anyone could suggest it.

    The ultimate would be of course if Apple decided to support syncing the Custom 1 field in iSync or at least allow you to choose which fields to Sync and to add the Custom 1 field.

    Another equally non-ideal solution would be to go back to using the Palm desktop instead of iSync. That may be a non-starter, especially if Palm is ambiguous in supporting OS X in Cobalt.
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    From your post, It sounds like you are using the Igolf SD-GPS. How well is it working for you. How long have you had it? I would appreciate any update
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    yes, I have iGolf and I've had it for 2-3 weeks now and it works great. However, I purchased the Navigator package with the map downloads and in my expereince, the Navigator, which is still in beta, works well for showing where you are, but if you want directions, in my experience it does not work. It could not keep up with me moving in the car, it was way too slow changing the instructions as we were driving. It was 100% useless than, but with some new betas and new driver, it may be working soon. I don't care about door to door instructions, so I don't mind.
    There are few bugs remaining, but it generally works fine. Sometime the 1st fix takes very long time and sometime it's instant and I don't know what makes the difference.


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