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    Did anyone try to use those MMC cards with treo 600?
    I ran accross their 512MB MMC cards on ebay, but they also sell them on their website. From my research SD cards are slightly faster then MMC but implement SDMI spec copyright protection scheme, something I don't feel like paying for. On other hand, topram claims that their cards faster then comparable SD cards from sandisk. Does anyone have opinion on this?
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    I replied to this but it was lost in the crash.

    In short, I have a topram 512mmc and it gives me no problems with the treo600 and it actually times out a little faster than most of my other mmc and sd cards except my newest sandisk ultra-II. This includes it runs faster than a new dane-elec 512 meg sd that claims to be a "fast" 10megabit card. Oh I do have this one 128meg no name mmc that runs a little faster but not much.

    However, I do have a compatability problem with the topram in my laptop's built-in card reader. All my other cards work fine in the laptop, and the topram works fine in all my other devices ( mp3 player, casio camera, treo600, jump-drive-trio)
    So it's hard to say which device is guilty of being slightly out of spec, the laptop or the mmc card. They each have several different things they work with, and only one thing they don't work with. I choose to think the rolls royce of laptops (hp zd7000 series) is more likely to be on spec than the yugo of mmc cards, but it could be the other way around. This laptop certainly does have several corner-cutting elements, notably among them in this case are notoriously cheap chips for all the built-in peripherals. ENE combination cardbus / flash media reader, Conexant combined sound card and winmodem, Realtek nic, etc...

    But to re-state. I used a topram mmc 512 a lot with my treo600 until recently and never had even a slight problem with the treo.
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