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    Hi all,

    I have this problem: when I am (for example) in VeriChat connected through GPRS, and swith to another application, it automaticly disconnects from GPRS. Even when some other event occur (incoming call), it kicks me out of GPRS.

    Then I cannot use VeriChat or other app in background.

    Does anybody know why, or how to manage this bug?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Can you verify how your GPRS indicator shows up when you are connected to GPRS? Is it the inverted triangle or two arrow lines? This applies to 180/270 devices only.
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    Hi, ronbo,

    it is inverted triangle....
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    Just wanted to make sure.

    Do you experience the same disconnect issue with GPRS when using other applications other than Verichat (i.e.: using Blazer or Xiino, AOL or even using your Treo as modem to your PC)?

    Normally these applications stay connected even when you switch to other applications.
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    Blazer: first web viewing = connecting, each other site browsing inside Blazer = stay connected. Whenever leave Blazer, it disconnects. Same with Snapper Mail.
    Eudora Web: connecting again by each link click

    In Blazer: when SMS notification come, it stays connected.

    In VeriChat: SMS notification, even Diary notification disconnects GPRS....

    GPRS version 1.2

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