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    When I unplugged my Treo600 from the charger at home this morning, I heard the familiar (bee-doop) and headed on my way. When I got to work, and plugged in to the sync cable/charger there... no tone. Upon closer inspection I have a red "X" through the battery icon on the phone screen and ZLauncher is reporting 0.0 volts.

    Soft reset, hard reset (Thanks BackupMan, that was totally painless)... still showing 0 volts.

    Everything else seems to be working fine.

    I did a search here for Battery indicator issues and didn't find anything quite like this.

    Has anyone heard of this one?
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    Follow up on my own post....

    Finally got a message saying that "BATTERY EXTREMELY LOW, do you wish to shut down". Did so and now charger is working and battery indicator displays correctly.

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