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    anyone know why your phone always random resets it self ?
    it jsut sits idle and suddenly boom .. it restarts ...
    anyone had this symptoms ?
    i mean whats the cause of it ?
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    Type in ##377 in the phone app and hit dial. It will tell you what caused the last crash.
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    It happens to me, the ##377 says it was Hotsync that caused it. Which is strange, because the Hotsync finished minutes ago in most cases. Sometimes it resets about 30 seconds after it says the hotsync finished, sometimes a few minutes later. 90% of the time it doesn't reset after hotsyncing.

    No idea how to figure it out further.
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    It depends on so many things, but typically it is caused from memory leakage from various applications, and/or some bad code causing a hiccup. Another thing is that your palm is always running, and while it doesn't get as messed up as your typical windows os system, hogging ever more resources over time, it can get a little wierd from time to time.


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    i figure it out ..
    it was Lightwave ...

    i never gonna use that software again
    doing a hard reset now ...
    reinstalling everything ..
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    I use lightwav and havent reset once with it installed. I would recommend looking into files your playing using Lwav. You may have a bad MP3/WAV sound. Try changing them and testing. Also make sure your Ptunes is up to date with Lwav.
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    Do these 3rd. party vendors do any SQA on their Apps. Geezzz...
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    Most of them do... but there are certain developers *ahem* that are notorious for releasing buggy software. It would be different if they would just say the word BETA (sometimes ALPHA).
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    Mine did this for a while. I tracked it down to TreoButler and the screen lock feature.
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    really ? wow .. i think im gonna disable screen lock ..
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    Note that it is only TreoButlers implementation that I think was causing the problem. It was resetting every 2 minutes or so. Very short intervals.
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    I had the same problem with my second treo, it reset all the time, if i received a call, sms, moved from application to application,etc. After doing everything possible and taking it from sprint store to sprint store, I finally noticed that I didnt have the updated software for the treo. make sure you have Software version "Treo600-1.10-SPR." when checking your phone info. Hope it helps, once I updated ive never had the problem.
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    Maybe I'm just being a putz, but how do I enter ##377? I dial it like a phone number? When I do that, the AT&T voice says I'm being an *****...
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    ##377 for me gives error: Reset caused while running "phone" HAL RadioOmap.c, Line:300, Host wake not asserted in time

    perhaps the newer profeolt? what it is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by christo1970
    ##377 for me gives error: Reset caused while running "phone" HAL RadioOmap.c, Line:300, Host wake not asserted in time

    perhaps the newer profeolt? what it is?
    Could you fix it? My Treo 600 is rebooting for last 2 days and I got same error message: "HAL RadioOmap.c..." Any help will be highly appreciated

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    ##377 dial does not work for me either. I'm in the UK on Vodafone. help!

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