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    I just succesfully upgraded my firmware to 03.04 - Can anyone tell me some tangible benefits I will experience and what exactly I can now do "extra" and what software I will need to do it. For example i read that it can be used as a voice recorder (?) - if

    Any other information on those who have upgraded from the original firmware to version 03.04 will be much appreciated. Thanks to all in advance
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    this has been discussed a few times arleady
    please look in the other threads ... use the search ..
    in the meantime ... i can tell u roughly what it would do ..
    The 3.04 firmware opens the microphone API in a way that makes voice recording possible. It will change your startup screens. In addition, TreoCentral users make the following claims for 3.04:

    Adds a "private mode" to the SMS application, disabling the popup with the message text.
    May help with buzzing and echo problems.
    Makes phone generally faster and more reactive - changing apps, etc.
    Network search and connect time much faster.
    Reception improved
    Battery life improved
    Camera improvements (less "blue dottiness?")
    Possible GPRS lag decrease
    PDANet more stable
    Makes you more attractive to the opposite sex

    read here :
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    Many thanks for that info. Still unsure how the voice recording works - have looked to see but cannot figure. Dont I need some sort of software to drive the voice recording aspect ....? Cheers,
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    You need to download or purchase the software that allows voice recording(for memos and such).

    I don't know where to get it.

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    yes you do ...


    for voice rec. It doesnt appear in the deafault apps
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    You have to pay for either program. I wish the Firmware came with applications that could utilize the voice recording for free.

    Pocket PC has this by default!

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