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    I am trying to install the firmware from Firmware Crow_1.12_Updater.prc onto my Treoo 600. I note from the install instructions thatI must go into the last category on the application menu/page on my treo which should be (the SD Card). But on looking at each and every application on the home meny there is none calld SD Card or similiar. The closest I get is "cardInfo" which is not relevant.

    So can anyone pls let me know how to activiate the file called "Crow_1.12_Updater.prc" from within my Treo, I have installed that file on my SD Card but cannot figure out how to open it up and read it on the card. Thanks,
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    In applications, there is a pull down menu at the top of the screen, open that, you should see 'All', 'Games', 'Main', etc. the last one should be 'card'
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    Many thanks,
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    I have installed the firmware and all seems to be working OK. Can anyone tell me anything different where I can tangibly see myself to demonstrate the effectivness of the firmware upgrade. For example, I read where it can be now used for recording, how / Some software will need to be installed to do this ? -

    What else will I gain with this firmware upgrade ?

    I basically am trying to prove to myself this upgramde does something worthwhile, ...any help would be appreciated.
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    for recording ...
    this has been discuessed before .. please look in other threads. ..
    or just google : 3.04 firmware faq
    press im feeling lucky
    read there
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    Movierec will also wow you, you can record short video with sound and save to your SD card...

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