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    Anyone know know where I can find good, up-to-date midi or wav files for this? Thanks.
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    Do you have cds or mp3s that have the songs that you want? If so I can tell you how to rip and/or convert them. Why do you want wav instead of mp3?
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    try, they have a good selection and they update it often.
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    Are the ringtones on this site midi, wav or mp3? IMHO opinion mp3s are the only way to go for real music ringtones. It amazes people to have the actual song play when your phone rings. Add to that the video of my nephews dancing that plays also and I'm da man.

    lplplpx3 - not that I am suggesting this is morally right but you can also just use a file sharing program to find the mp3 songs you want then cut them down to 25-30 second clips of the part of the song you want. You will need a program like Lightwav to play the mp3 files but I assume you knew this since you were requesting wav ringtones.
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    I keep getting confused with the need for Pocket tunes and Lightwave.

    Please explain the process if I have the actual mp3? I have editing software etc (Cool edit pro so can slice the file).

    Is there a need for special about looping? Does the file need to be the exact length of the desired ring. Please explain how to do this and even better if I dont need the above 2 pieces of software.

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    Try this site for MIDI:[/url]
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    Well you have to have lightwav (or similar app) and pTunes for mp3s (pTunes isn't necessary for wav files). It sounds like you know how to slice your mp3 or wav files so that's good. You don't have to slice them to the exact length. You can cut them shorter and it will auto loop or you can not cut them at all and it will play only the first portion of the song. I usually trim mine because I want a specific portion of the song to play. My phone tends to ring about 25 seconds so I trim the songs to between 25 and 30 seconds).

    Once you have the mp3s the way you want them you save then to your SD card (best to use a card reader or Card Export). You can then tell Lightwav where the files are located on the card. Also, once the songs are on the card you can convert them to reside in RAM using Lightwav (this way you don't have to worry about an unmounted SD card). For any questions specific to doing some of the Lightwav functions see the manual that comes with the app. It's pretty good.

    Oh yeah a good rap song to use right now is Lil Flip - Game Over. I have also used Ludacris - Splash Waterfalls for awhile. The ladies love that one.

    Then once you get mp3s setup the next challenge is to get call video working!

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