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    My Treo600 started acting up this week.... i couldn't answer incoming calls... the phone would stall, say "Network Search" then hang up on the person... after a hard reset, it still did the same thing....

    went into my local sprint store, showed them, and they gave me a new phone, box and all.... just had to wait in line for 45 minutes....

    I had one of the first shipments from handspring.... the new phone is labeled as palmOne....
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    I'm on my 6th Treo 600 in 2 months. most of the problems were with weird battery behavior and network search error. Well I have my 6th Treo in hand & it still has network search error & battery problems. And the last two replacements were brand new palmone. So would assume that these new phones were not among the earlier ones made with all these "bugs". Well don't assume. There's a guy over at Cnet who is having same problems with his Treo & who is doing his next column on this. You guys should email him. I'll give his email in next post.
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    His name is Brian Cooley-Editor at large.

    Send all the links to any discussions you can think of regarding these problems (including this one)
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    Man, just started getting this network search/failed problem these past 2 days. I was even roaming at my own house! I guess I'm gonna head over to the Sprint store tomorrow and get my 3rd Treo.
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    I finally went to sprint after receiving the network search error for the past 2 months. It started to be absolutely unbearable. To my surprise they gave me a brand new phone in under an hour. Just tell them that a large percentage of phones are experiencing a Network search error and that it is their policy to give you a new phone, not refurbished.
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    Wow... guess I'm not the only one.

    I've had my Treo600 since late Nov/early Dec and got it from TC.
    The last week or two have been horrendous and last Friday night and the whole weekend the vision/data part of the network seemed terrible. Never could connect -- it would just "cancel".

    But, the network searching ... I show a good antenna with enough juice and battery life and I get these network searching it seems just all the time. It might be when the battery is getting less that I see it more - i hadn't noticed that.

    anyway, thanks for the info - going to Sprint store I guess... I've been blaming Sprint in my mind on this deal and I guess it's not them!

    in OKC, OK area ...
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    interesting, OKC man (I grew up in Duncan and went to OSU) - my issue here in Dallas started sometime on Saturday, and has been TERRIBLE ever since. I went to the Sprint store today - they tested and are sending a new one to me. Just hoping it's going to be a new one, and not a refurb.
    (Interestingly, they said I have to come back to the store to do the swap - they won't mail them out any more due to so many people scamming them with 'I didn't get the phone' and 'yes, I returned the old one'. They also wouldn't just give me a new one right there.)

    And what's really funky is this issue will start for me like RIGHT when I take it off the cradle, so that lends weight to the thinking that it's a hardware issue with the battery impedance and not something in the network. I would have bet $100 against that.
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    nrosser - funny, i saw your post over on the previous page and saw Flower Mound, TX -- I lived there for a couple of years back in '98. Town has grown... and loved to eat @ Animias!! And, totaled my car at that busy intersection too!!

    Well, here's my Treo Update -- took phone to local Sprint store ... guy didn't believe me at first and didn't really argue with me but was acting like the Sprint network could be the problem but when I told him that it had just happened 20 minutes before plus I was driving on I-35 about 30 minutes in the OKC area and couldn't call Sprint Operator, make no Sprint calls for more than 30 minutes and kept getting the "network searching..." -- he finally said, we'll take a look at the phone.

    10 minutes later -- he says, yep, that phone is messed up and we put it in our super-big-time phone tester that gives it extra RF etc... and wham, phone is not responding correctly.

    So, they are ordering me "new" phone - not sure if new or refurb'd -- guessing latter and getting in 3 days.

    Also, i forgot to mention - i am seeing some huge latency issues in terms of my phone not answering calls, touch screen not responding, moving around the palm application it stalls out and is trying to catch up... really bites.

    NROSSER ... I won't hold that OSU thing against you either!! Kind of an OU fan myself... but Stillwater is a fun place.

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    I had the same 'Network Search' bug pop up on me a few weeks back. I called my local Sprint store and without telling them about the problem, asked them if they had any Treo 600s in stock. They did. So I went to the store, told them that tech support told me my phone had a very common error and that I should tell Sprint they had to replace it. I was out of the store in 25 min with my new Treo, after they let me charge it for about 15 min (long enough to get where I was going). I also used backup man to write a backup to my SD card, and restored it in the new one. So far I haven't had any problems at all with the new Treo, and the camera seems to be far superior to the old one.
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    Yet another voice from Dallas with the same issue. This was my 1st 600 and have had it since introduction. I am waiting for a replacement from Sprint.

    For what it's worth ... I notice that the network search problem goes away when I am attached to a charger; either a/c or auto adapter. Must be a battery problem.
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    just feelin' the lovin' here in dallas today - oh yeah babeee.

    yep, mddmx - in my case, the issue is totally battery related, and I think others have weighed in with that same consensus - when on battery, major problems. When connected to power - no problems, at least for me. In fact, I can take mine out of the cradle, watch it, and in no less than two minutes, I'm starting the connecting/canceling gig, which will last 20 minutes before it gives up with the Error3000 thing.
    Ah yes - we'll see what the new one is like.
    (and then one last off topic here - okieman - we eat an Anamias at least twice a week. Funny).
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