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    Last night (Tuesday May 4th), I got a call from someone at PalmOne in 847 area code (outside Chicago) who apologized profusely for my "abysmal experience" with my Treo600 and told me that my replacement T600 would absolutely be problem free. This was in response to the letter I faxed twice, once on Monday 4/26 and once on Monday 5/3.

    I have not yet called them back, but they gave a phone number and a case number. It is not the same case number as my replacement order, which is still showing a ship date of today, May 5th.
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    "They contacted me via Private Message through this board. Said they'd help, we swapped emails early this morning, I have heard nothing back yet."

    That may have been from my doing (maybe). I was talking to a tech support super about 2 weeks ago and told him about this board. I gave hime the web address and asked him to take a look to see what everyone is complaining about. I guess he took my advise and started to monitor. Glad he could help

    good luck

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    P900. Good phone, good OS (NOT microsoft, all you drooling MPxers!), Bluetooth, hi-res screen, and if you wait a bit, there's supposedly an updated version with a keyboard built-in to the flip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmLover
    I believe once you have a unit without hardware defects, you will be thrilled beyond belief. You may have one of those very rare situations where a faulty unit got out.

    Are you kidding me?!? Let's be clear here. There are dozens if not scores of these 'rare situations' (faulty units) listed across these boards. I am about to request my FIFTH unit since October because of echos, buzzing, auto-shutdowns, etc. Please understand how heartbreaking this is to me- I LOVE my Treo, or the notion of it anyway. Enough to spend ludicrous amounts of time and energy in trying to get it to work. Time that would likely be better spent on the endeavours that the Treo was meant to help facilitate not prevent me from getting to. In theory, this is the greatest gadget I've ever purchased- in practice, it is as big a time-suck as any I've ever purchased and I've had some doozies going all the way back to the Newton. So please, though I am thrilled that you have had a good experience with your Treo, please, please, please do not spin this into a rarity. The Treo is a brilliant yet very poorly executed and incredibly frustrating product for many, many users.
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    I have a GSM version and the support site has been of no use. Burning issues

    1. Speaker does not work. Have to use handsfree or speaker phone only

    2. Reboots atleast twice in a day when sending SMS or deleting emails.

    Any help appreciated.
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    I went thru a bunch of Treo 600's (Dec 03-May 04), and finally arrived at an alternative that is working great for me: Sony Clie NX-73, plus Sanyo 8200.

    I'm finally a happy camper, while I await the next-generation Treo 600 (I want Hi-Res, and a better phone implementation).

    I agree with 'Genetic Jack's' post above... and also have a love/hate relationship with the Treo 600. I couldn't agree more with Jack's statement: "The Treo is a brilliant yet very poorly executed and incredibly frustrating product for many, many users". This has been validated by many visits to Sprint stores around the Bay Area, in Chicago, NYC, etc. One Sprint tech told me recently "we have had 6 Treo 600's back today, complaining about problems with the phone". Another one (to remain nameless, but this is TRUE) told me, "this could get me fired, but I think you should get a class action suit going. These Treo 600's are a DISASTER!". I could go on and on... I am now very clear that the Treo 600 has large-scale problems. But some people can get by with some units. However, now we're seeing it in the mainstream press... on ZDNET earlier this week, one of their editors posted a major peice about how frustrating it is to try and use his Treo 600 ("Why my Treo is driving me nuts").

    IMHO, the Handspring engineering team just goofed up by licensing a sub-par telephone chipset. And the marketing team goofed up by going with a lo-res screen. But hey, there are alternatives to PalmOne for smartphones/pda's, and it's only going to get better! They need to do a better job of getting it right {end of soapbox}. More competition is what they NEED.... and they're about to get it, more than ever!

    I've provided more details about my alternative solution (per above) on my "Outgoing Audio Quality" thread (today's post, Wed 5/19/04):
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