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    Is there an app or tool that will allow you to open the prc file and change the icon within the file? I tried PRCexplorer but that only lets you view but not change any images.
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    YES get the demo of MetroWerks CodeWarrior for PAlmOS, it includes a free util from Palm called Constructor (I think) and this allows you to change all graphics within a PRC (i used to use this to add HR icons to programs than only had LR icons). Even when the 30 day demo for Codewarrior 8 has finished the Constructor program will still work as it is a util from Palm not Metrowerks (it is just bundled with CodeWarrior).....

    Don't uninstall the expired codewarrior demo or you will loose required files for constructor.....
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    Thanks I wil look for it and give it a shot.

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