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    Hello everybody, I need some help because Im a bit confused.
    Im from Montevideo, Uruguay (South America), and the GSM technology has just arrived, so the first thing to do is to get a Treo !!!!!
    But, I have some questions first...

    For the activation of the phone, Ill buy a Treo in the United States, so, the SIM is programmed to work in AT&T, Im right?

    The Phone will not work with any other phone services worldwide?

    Please if someone knows please contact me because I dont want to spend 500 bucks and the phone cannot be activated in my country !

    The service provider here is ANCEL and works with GSM 1800.

    If someone could help I will appreciate it !!!

    Thanks in advance !

    PS: Sorry my bad english...
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    What you want (need) is a Treo600 that is SIM unlocked.

    You can get this one of two ways:

    1) Best way is to buy a factory SIM unlocked Treo600. This means you want either an INTernational GSM Treo600, or a Cingular Treo600. These are the the only two "kinds" of factory SIM unlocked Treo600s sold. The AT&T branded Treo600s are SIM locked, as are the T-Mobile and Orange.

    2) The other way is to buy any carrier branded GSM Treo600, and SIM unlock it yourself. This is a much less desirable way, as you have to muck around with patched versions of the Treo600 firmware. When new versions of the Treo600 firmware are released, you won't be able to install them until/unless someone figures out a SIM unlock patch (or your phone will become SIM locked and you won't be able to use it with your carrier).

    The GSM Treo600 is a four band GSM phone, and will work on the frequency your carrier is using.

    Bill S
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    Thank you bill !!!
    What you mean when you say "Cingular Treo600"?

    Thanks for your reply.
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    A Cingular Treo600 is a Treo600 that is sold to Cingular customers (Cingular is a cellular carrier here in the US, much like AT&T and T-Mobile are cellular carriers here in the US).

    If you (or a friend) were to order a Treo600 from PalmOne, they would ask you what carrier you planned on using the phone. If you said "AT&T", then the phone that PalmOne would send you would have firmware customized to AT&T (which in this case would mean the "connecting" and "disconnecting" screen graphics would have a nice AT&T logo, and the phone would be SIM locked to AT&T, meaning that only an AT&T SIM would work in the phone).

    If you asked for a "generic international GSM" version, you would get a phone that was NOT SIM locked to any carrier. The same holds true if you asked for a "Cingular" version. The Cingular version would have custom Cingular "connecting" and "disconnecting" screen graphics while the international version would have generic PalmOne graphics.

    What you want is the generic international GSM version, though there should be no problem if you get a Cingular version. The only reason to buy a carrier branded version is to get a discount (by committing to a year or two of service with the carrier), or maybe if the carrier branded version was available now, and the generic international version had a one or two month shipping delay. Since you don't plan on subscribing to a US cellular carrier, there is no reason (that I can think of) for you to order anything but the generic international GSM version.

    Bill S
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    Thanks Again Bill for your detailed information !!!

    Hope I can help you someday when I get my own Treo 600.

    Best wishes.
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    Hi, piffa, I'm also in Montevideo, I'm writing in english as I do not if this forums have some policies about spanish.
    Ok, I'm also really intersted in the TREO600, searching the internet I found your post here.
    How does your history ends ??? did you get it to work here ?
    Please let me know and thanks a lot.

    Keep in touch
    Nicolas Amarelle
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    I have a Treo 600 from Cingular and I can confirm that it came unlocked. I believe that Cingular's policy is to unlock all the "worldphones" (tri/quad band). I have a Cingular T637 also, and it's unlocked

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