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    Has anyone tried to install and use the new Palm Desktop 4.2.1 under OS X 10.3.3 and synching with Treo 600? Will it be necesary to reinstall both iSync and the iSync for Palm again after installing 4.2.1? I've been there before and would prefer not to have to do all this.

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    No - I installed the 4.2.1 upgrade by itself and all seems to be working fine.
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    Well, I have installed the 4.21 on top of the 4.1 and when I looked into the Conduits (Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync/Conduits the installer left the Address Conduit and Datebook Conduit and ToDo Conduit in there and they interfered with iSync as expected. After I moved them into Disabled Conduits, the sync worked fine and launched iSync as expected. Normally, when iSync is installed, it disables these 3 conduits, but installing Palm Desktop overrides that, just as I was afraid it would. Apple and Palm should work together once in a while.

    Now I have Memo Conduit, Memos Conduit and Note Pad Conduit all active in the Conduit folder and probably only one does the job, but I don't know which one. If anyone knows, the info would be appreciated. There is also Contacts conduit, and I have no idea what it's for, but it does not seem to interfere with iSync. Anyono knows if Voice Memo Conduit does anything on the Treo? How does it work?

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    Where did you find Desktop version 4.2.1? On the Palmone site I could see only 4.1!
    Satish Joshi
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    on Versiontracker
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    Thanks Tomm
    Satish Joshi

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