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    Anybody tried to use those MMC cards with treo 600?
    I ran accross their 512MB MMC cards on ebay, but they also sell them on their website. From my research SD cards are slightly faster then MMC but implement SDMI spec copyright protection scheme, something I don't feel like paying for. topram claims that their cards faster then comparable SD cards from sandisk. Anyone has opinion on this?
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    Com'n guys! Somebody have to know something about these cards
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    It's $80 more for a 512 than a 512 from SanDisk... that's as much as I know, or need to
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimHoboken
    It's $80 more for a 512 than a 512 from SanDisk... that's as much as I know, or need to
    They go on ebay for <$100
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    I swore I would never tell anyone to "do a search first", so I won't say such an annoying thing. I did it for you:

    Link to the thread I found by searching.......

    The last post in the thread is the most important... Don't use MMC cards in your Treo 600!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalai Lama
    I swore I would never tell anyone to "do a search first", so I won't say such an annoying thing. I did it for you:

    Link to the thread I found by searching.......

    The last post in the thread is the most important... Don't use MMC cards in your Treo 600!!!!
    Thanks for the link!
    What the last post says seems to come out of thin air.... Official Treo 600 feature list includes support for SD/MMC card:
    Also, PalmOne store link for Treo 600 add-ons includes the listing of 256MB MMC card:
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    The reason I am so fired up against SD cards is copyright protection that limits capabilities of SD card. Lets say you buy CD that happen to implement SDMI spec protection, real possibility nowdays, you won't be able to compress the music into MP3 and copy it to SD device. SDMI protected music imbeds digital watermark that would trigger SD card protection feature and prevent write to the card. See this link for details:

    Therefore, I am trying to find MMC card that is equal to SD card in speed and density but not copyright crap.
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    I actually have a topram 512 mmc and used it in my treo a lot and never had a problem. I also have a nameless 128 meg mmc and a lexar 64 meg mmc and sometimes use all of them in my treo with no problems.

    I had an player that only supported mmc, so I used all mmc cards in all my devices, my camera, laptop, pda etc...

    Now that I've found out how to get the treo to work with an audio cable to my car stereo aux-in, I don't need the audible otis any more and and so I've started using sd cards because sandisc makes the ultraII which is way faster than anything else.

    I had one problem with the topram mmc card: If I tried to use it in my HP zd7000 series laptop's built-in sd/mmc slot, it would freeze (the card reader, not the whole laptop). It worked fine in everything else, which includes:
    usb jump drive trio
    casio exilim exs3 camera
    audible otis

    the slot in the laptop has no problem with any of my other sd or mmc cards which includes:
    no-name 128 meg mmc
    lexar 64 meg mmc
    dane-elec 512 meg sd
    sandisc ultraII 512 meg sd

    So it's hard to say which device is off-spec, the laptop or the top-ram mmc card. I choose to beleive it's the chip, since, among other mmc cards, the topram is a yugo, while among other laptops the HP zd7000 series is a Bently/Ferrari/Limo

    I paid about $140 for mine on-line, and I'd sell you mine since I don't need it anymore, but if they are going for under $80 already, then I might as well keep it for extra reserve capacity for odd occasions even though I mostly won't use it. They are so small and thin and light that it's effortless to just leave tucked away somewhere in the laptop bag permanently.

    oh one thing, it's slower for writing extremely tiny packets of data than the nameless 128 meg (which is also over a year older). Although I can't yet use it on my Sprint treo because the firmware update is not available yet, I installed and plan on using the voice memo recording program Audacity. It comes with a card read & write speed tester and the topram did ok reading & writing in large chunks but poorly in small chunks. All cards do a lot worse (orders of magnitude worse) on small chunks compared to what they can do in large chinks, I'm comparing this cards small chunk performance to other cards small chunk performance. Basically, *only* the sandisk ultraII got a "good" rating from the speed tester, all other cards resulted in a warning that specified some low maximum sample rate that the card could keep up with recording at.

    The topram mmc did about the same as the dane-elec 512 sd which is supposed to be a "fast" card like the sandisk ultraII but it turned out to be not only not fast but below average except in the particular case of reading in large chunks.

    Since it's not yet possible to record audio on a Sprint Treo yet anyways, I never actually had a problem with the card since it was fine for other types of traffic. boioks, mp3's and ogg's in ptunes, zlauncher theme files, pictrues with the camera app. no problems. Actually, I don't see any speed difference at all taking pictures now on the sandisk ultraII 512 sd than last week on the topram 512 mmc.*shrug*

    I do see a little difference doing mass load/unload via the trio jump drive, dumping hundreds of megs of tunes at once. But the difference is like, an operation might take 5 minutes on the topram and the same operation would take 3.5 on the sandisk. And that's when dealing with almost as much data as the card even holds. Any smaller jobs like one mp3 you don't even sense any difference.

    All in all I'd say go ahead.

    About the whole sd vs mmc, sd is better, etc... argument,
    Personally I wish mmc were the more popular format. I like that it's almost 1/2 as thin as sd, I like that it's simpler in that it has fewer electrical connections, simpler circuitry without the locking stuff, and no moving parts like the lock switch. The only thing I don't like is that all the slots are big enough to hold sd and so mmc's are always loose and leave a space that doesn't look good to any techi type and allows more opportunity for junk to enter devices. But that's not the fault of the mmc format if it truly came first.
    The thinness of mmc makes them easier to carry conveniently. They are so thin they can be laid against things and made not much noticeable. SD is just that little bit too much to get away with it in the same places. Example, I can tuck one or two mmc cards into the form-fitting leather case of a cell phone, pda, camera, mp3 player, and it's completely unobtrusive. Sd is just a little too thick to get away with the same thing. They can usually be crammed into the same places, but they stick out and you notice them, sometimes a lot. I can imagine a neat little holder made out of two pieces of tape on the back of the treo that could hold 2 mmc cards flat against the back so you could have a potential 3 gigs of storage right in your hand at all times.
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    Thank you very much for an excellent comment!!! It is all I wanted to know and more. I will be placing the order shortly. My treo is arriving today!!
    After half a year of salivating over it, I am finally getting it

    thanks again!

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