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    live in tampabay area of florida. want to hear from treo users out there. is sprint a good, best, or worst cell carrier available for a treo 600. compusa has it for $399 (plus $100 gift card) but requires a 2 year contract.

    if not sprint then what cell carrier is best for a treo 600 phone considering that I would want to do web access and email via the phone. I really don't know who has the best plan/servcie for such access. I spend around $50 a month now with my att (non pda phone) now and use a t3 pda.
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    I can't comment on the service specifically in the Tampa area but for me up in NYC Sprint has been excellent on the Treo. I never am without service. I find the plans to be decent and data runs quick, most of the time. GSM coverage in my area is horrible so I'd never get the GSM version of the Treo 600.
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    I'm in CT, but recently spent a week in Orlando - coverage for phone and data was great. I've had very good experience with Sprint.
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    I have had sprint for several years. Its great service in the major cities, and i have a second sprint fone when im out of the big citys. I have been in coco beach and had great service where other peoples phones were just searching for service.
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    I have sprint in CHicago area. Good coverage. Great data plans on the more expensive plans...for wireless email etc. I have been happy with the service. Calling CSrs always means hold times but hey it is true everywhere.
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    Had great service with Sprint in NYC Metro area. Prices are reasonable, and the data plan provides a fast connection at a good price.
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    Great coverage here in SE Virginia. In fact, I get coverage to about 15 miles offshore (into the Atlantic Ocean) and almost everywhere in the Chesapeake Bay...
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    I have been with Sprint for nearly 5 years. I travel a lot in the USA and use a lot of email, remote access and controlling my desktop at my office with my Treo, and browse the web for maps & info, which adds up to a lot of data transfer while on the road.

    Each time my Sprint Contract frees me to change, I look around and Sprint has the best prices for my traveling needs with coverage, minutes, and data.

    One the big features is the Unlimited Data Transfer....or at least a Gig a month. After showing them what my Treo can do with Sprint, many of my fellow managers across the nation have switched over just for that reason.

    As for CS, as a whole over the last 5 years, it has been great. There have a few instances, where I had to move up the chain of command and have firm conversations with a manager....but in the end they always made me happy.
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    Sprint = YES!!!!
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    $15/mo for unlimited data can't be beat...
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    I have used both Sprint Treo and the ATT Treo,
    I was using a treo 300 for sprint but the battery life was not good as all
    but when the 600's came out sprint would not give us a deal on upgrading so I tried the GSM ATT 600 for about 3 months, I had signal everywhere I went but the sound quality was not good at all, I found myself saying "Can you hear me now" quite often,
    So I broke down and paid the extra money for the Sprint 600 and everyone that I talk ask me "Have you changed cell phones again ?" with out me saying anything to them, so the sound quality is much better on sprint but if you live or travel in rural America, you should be using a ATT 600 because of the coverage.
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    I agree... the $15 per month for unlimited data is a deal. I compared all the others out there and no one came close. One was $24.99 per month for 10MB.

    My $100 plan has 2000 minutes and unlimited data plus all the other perks like free Sprint to Sprint and free nights and weekends.

    Coverage here in Houston is great.
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