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    Well it seems like a good deal. Compusa has the treo 600 for $399 after instant savings plus you get a $100 compusa gift card in the mail. I have read some post that make it sound like sprint is not the cell phone carrier one would want to go with so not sure if it is the right thing to do?

    Any input from users out there that have sprint? I read that at some point in our life we will get verizon to carry the treo 600 but god only knows when that would be.

    Would not be happy having to keep sprint for 2 years if they are the cell phone provider from he (double toothpixs)
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    Plus there was a thread that was probably lost in the great purge documenting that Sprint Customer Service is generally poor at the first level, but when you get to the Vision techs it's not too bad. Major problems are with the complicated service plans - you need to QA your bills to make sure you are getting billed for the proper options & features & such...
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    I think CompUSA has the "special" ($299 for the T600) approx. once a month. There were previous posts on that subject in the past. One question? you have to get it with a 2yr agreement with Sprint or can u get it for one yr (and pay $50 more as u get less of a rebate from Sprint) and still get the $100 rebate from CompUSA?
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    I would say it would depend on your personal needs. If you plan on doing most of your travel in the US then sprint may be a good fit. If you are a world traveler then a GSM treo may be your best bet. Also the amount of data you plan to use is another factor to keep in mind. If you are going to do large amounts of data transfer the sprints unlimited Vision plans may be the most economical. I have had my sprint treo since November. I have been very pleased with its performance. I will agree that sprints customer service is not the best, but people have to realize these are very complicated devices. Most Tier 1 support does not have the expertise to deal with the technical questions most of us will ask. So I would look more at service plans, insurance/replacement plans, and coverage as my determining factors, before I looked at customer service.
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    The offer ends 6/5, so move fast.

    When I got my Treo at CompUSA a few months ago, the same deal was in effect except it was a $100 rebate from CompUSA and not a gift card.

    EDIT: Oops, meant 5/5, not 6/5...
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    Depending on your local sales tax, it might be a better deal to get it from Amazon - $329 after rebates, and free shipping. My local sales tax here in CA is 8.25% which means I'd end up paying $300 + ($600 x 8.25%) = $349.50 at CompUSA.
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    I left Sprint for TMo. Sprint's customer service sucks! And it is not even outsourced .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiscer
    The offer ends 6/5, so move fast.

    When I got my Treo at CompUSA a few months ago, the same deal was in effect except it was a $100 rebate from CompUSA and not a gift card.
    In Atlanta the newspaper ad indicated the $299 deal ended 5/1. Where is available untill 6/5? I have seen this ad come and go approx. every month or two, but just when I want to get the T600, the deal is gone...just my luck.

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    Oops, meant 5/5, not 6/5. SF Bay area CompUSA flyer from Sunday's newspapers...
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    i've had my treo300 and sprint for almost 2 years with no problems to report. and you can't beat the unlimited data
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