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    Anybody have suggestions on a case or wallet for SD cards? Some PDA cases have SD card slots, but not the one I use. I would be interested in cases holding at least four cards. Seems as if there was some discussion of available wallets back before the server crash.
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    The Vaja Ivoultion SD card holder looks sweet.

    I'd order one right now but fear it would take six months to get it.
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    Thanks to those who have responded so quickly with some very good suggestions. The Vaja case does look nice, but $30 seems a little high for a case that only holds two SD cards. The CaseLogic item also looks fine at $6 and holds six cards, but it might be slightly bulky (perhaps nicer though) than some of the plastic holders. At $10, the Rileydog dataleash is priced OK, but it seems as if a carrier that size should hold four cards instead of two.

    I think the Seidio expandable memory card holder is closest to what I was looking for. On the other hand, there are some very negative but old comments about Seidio in another thread from back when their 2-in-1 headsets weren't working. Negative comments about the company in general. I have never purchased from them. JimHoboken, do you actually have one of these SD cases? Any comments on it? From the photos, my only concern is whether it actually is a little bit thick. I haven't decided yet just how to carry/store whatever wallet I decide on. It might go in a briefcase or might slip into the belt case with the Treo. That's why I am thinking about size and thickness.

    After looking around the Seidio site a little more, I found this case.

    It is priced a bit higher, but I could just use it to replace my business card case and hold four SD cards as well.
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    Dr. J I have been so busy [for a semi-retired lawyer ] I have not posted since early April but I have one of Seidio's card cases. It is light blue hard plastic and I love it. I have five 512MB SD cards full of Audible books, books for the Palm Reader and lots of old-time radio comedy shows (mp3) for Pocket Tunes Deluxe, etc.

    What I like best, being what you might call a semi-retired lawyer, is that I now wear mostly jeans and shorts. (Hate it when I have to get back into a suit.) I do not have to worry about damaging the SD cards with the hard case and it fits fine in the front pocket of my jeans.

    As for the complaints about Seidio, there were some mostly late last year when the first version of the 2 in 1 stereo headset was release but to Seidio's credit they pulled the defective product and after a fine effort on their part released a great heaset that works as advertised.

    I wish TC could recover the lost forum threads as I posted a review of the 2 in 1 and posted a lot of followup information about Seidio's 2 in 1 adaptor, the 2 in 1 behind the head (back phone) headset and their FM transmitter. I have all of these and love them.

    I never go anywhere without my 2 in 1 headset (found a great little case for it) and I use the behind the head while sailing and riding my bike, and the 2 in 1 adaptor with the Siedio FM transmitter while listening to my treo audible programs in my car.

    My wife also carries her 2 in 1 in her purse so she can listen to audible programming on her Treo 600 whenever she can find the time. She also jogs with the 2 in 1 back phone headset every morning listening to Audible books.

    I also have the Seidio 2.5mm stereo headset which I purchased while waiting for the new improved 2 in 1 to be released. And I have a couple of their sync cables; the retractable, and the short one with the sync button. I also have their 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo adaptor which I prefer over the Handspring "L" shaped.

    I also posted a review of the Seidio swivel holster which is the only case I have used for some time now. My wife still uses her black leather Handspring horizontal for business but uses the Seidio swivel holster the rest of the time.

    It is the only case I know of that easily lets you remove and replace the Treo from the case with one hand, without having to look or fumble around with a clasp or flap, etc. Just snap it in. I always use mine in the horizontal position my wife prefers the verticle ( odd since she prefers the horizontal for the Handspring OEM case).

    I have never had any problem with any of my Seidio products.

    As for the SD card/business card case from Seidio, I have been trying to order that for my wife for some time now and I see that it is still out of stock when I checked the Seidio website before replying. They have a larger leather SD case but it appears to be too big for a card case.

    ( For those that were keeping up, like Ally, with my daughter's acceptance to UCLA and Berkeley, she chose Berkeley. Unless Columbia (she is on their wait list) calls. Then I'll have to return to a full-time practice $$$$ and she won't be nearby, only child , and I won't get to go to the games, GO Bears, GO Cal)

    Glad to be back
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    great website for memory card cases:
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    I found a nice cheap one over at Best Buy for 4 bucks. Unfortunately, it's at home so I don't recall the brand but it hold four SD cards, has a zipper and a belt loop. I don't carry extra SD cards on a regular basis but this works perfect. I like the fact that they can't accidently fall out because it's zipped up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr J
    Anybody have suggestions on a case or wallet for SD cards? Some PDA cases have SD card slots, but not the one I use. I would be interested in cases holding at least four cards. Seems as if there was some discussion of available wallets back before the server crash.
    Here is a hard case from Optex which holds 6 SD cards. I might pick one up when I get more SD cards. They are getting cheaper now-a-days.
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    The case I was referring to yesterday was the CASE LOGIC DMC-2. There seems to be two versions of this case, one with a zipper and one with a strap but all pictures that I could find show the strap which I don't recommend. I was incorrect that it actually has 6 card slots not the four I mentioned. There's plenty of extra room to store you headphones too.

    The zipper version is a really nice little case for $4.
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    If you just need to store 1 card safely, i find that a used "Altoids Breath Strips" case works perfectly!
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    Heh. A second vote from me for the Altoids Breath Strips as a tiny, hard (metal) SD case. I can fit two cards in if I want to shake it a bit to get them back out. Warning: The darn things are around $5 each here (Canada; get'm at Indigo Books to get ripped off too), and I toss the "breath strips" in the garbage. They're gross.

    Advanced tip: You can use a regular Altoids mints box to hold a portable SD card reader (Lexar's Jumpdrive Treo or Centrios SD Direct Card Reader, I've used both, from Radio Shack Canada), a USB swivel adapter (because some PC's have USB slots that block the shoulders of the readers; ouch!), and an Altoids Breath Strips box with two cards inside.
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    It would be nice to have a case for the Treo that also help a SD card or two?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPG
    It would be nice to have a case for the Treo that also help a SD card or two?
    The Bellagio Flip Case (which I use) has two slots for SD cards, and many other Treo cases I've seen online have such slots too. I think it's mostly the leather ones that aren't aiming to be minimal that will mostly have storage slots.

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