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    hi there,
    is there any software whereby you could turn to 'silence' mode without having to slide the ringer switch of your treo 600?
    just a tap on an icon or button I think, is a much easier alternative.

    further comment is very much appreciated.
    thank you.

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    Easier? Personally, I think just using the button is alot simpler than taking out the stylus, going to a "silence" icon and tapping it...

    Anyways, I recall there was a thread exactly about this issue prior to the forum crash. I'm not sure if anyone found an app or solution...
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    I love the slider switch. I do not even have to take it out of the case I keep it in on my belt. I can shut it of slickly without anyone knowing I even have a Cell. A great example is in the movie theator. When they run that "Turn Off your phone and pager" clip, everyone is digging around and poking at their cell's to shut off the ringer, or power them off. I just lower my left hand and *flip* my phone is silent! I wish my Kyocera 6035 had that feature! (I wish ALL phoned had that feature)
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    I concur w/ gfunkmagic!
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    Hi again everyone,

    Thanks for sharing experiences with me.
    I am using my Treo 600 with Krusell Classic Case which has only a soft plastic cover over the screen. The case blocks the ringer switch a little bit. So I always needed to put a little extra effort sliding the ringer switch to silent mode .
    I don’t use the belt clip because I move a lot. Apart from the fact that I thought my Treo is a little bit bulky to be hanging on my waist, I am also afraid that I might crush it against something like the edge of a table etc. I always keep it inside my front pocket (of course with no other things).

    As for the stylus. I hate to use the stylus. Most of the time I use my friendly little fingers to do all the ‘taping’. Besides, who need the stylus when you have a QWERTY keyboard?

    So, here am I wishing somebody would come out with that particular utility for my treo.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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    Maybe Profiles will work for you?
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    thanks TR30.
    appreciate it very much.

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    Lanujang, not quite what you are speaking about but check out my SoundOff application that I posted yesterday. It works well for those of us who forget about the switch.
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    thanks quickster,
    i'll keep in touch.


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