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    suddenly you wanna know what's the time. you take your treo 600 out. press the power button. you can see the main launcher screen with the time (not updated) on the upper left corner of the screen. press the centre of the 5-way navigator to unlock the keypads. then only you'll have the updated time .

    my question or I should say my suggestion is:
    can somebody make it simpler to see the time. say, all you need to do is, press the space bar or maybe the centre navigator button, the screen would lights up showing the 'city time', 'world time' or what ever time available in the system or maybe just the main launcher screen. then after let's say 2 or 3 seconds, the screen turns off again. but of course this function must be able to ignore the keypad lock.

    for everybody's info, this function is from palm tungsten w updates by palmone.
    'With the device turned off, you can access the time via the WorldClock application by pressing the select/center button of the Navigator. The time will be displayed and the device will turn off again.'

    any comment are appreciated.

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    There's an app that already did this called "KeyGuard Time". It was a freeware app posted in one of the threads, but it was lost in the forum crash!! *sigh* You can find the link in Elysian's utilities sticky, but it is broken...

    Thre were also many other solutions discussed... for instance I use a combo of ClockPOP5 and Pocket Protector to disable the keyguard and popup clockup whenever I press the 4rth works great...

    Edit: I found a copy of KeyGuard Time. Here's it posted below!
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    hi gfunkmagic,
    thank you so much for the reply and the 'key guard'.
    this discussion group is so unbelievable. the response you get from fellow members is so fast. i love it.
    thanks again


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