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    Quote Originally Posted by PDAapps
    We have released VeriSafe - a utility that lets you store and restore your data from the external memory card.

    Some of the features include --
    1) Auto backup (any time of the day)
    2) Incremental backups (only the diffs -- compressed)
    3) Partial Backups
    4) Selective Restores
    5) Encrypted backups
    6) Treo 600 optimized
    7) Fully 5-Way Navigator enabled (don't need the stylus at all)
    8) Efficient logging support

    Another feature that is in the works is the ability to hard reset your device remotely.
    Does this backup the entire Treo or just the Databases?
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    Ok, I understand where you are coming from. It is locked, just cannot have anything done to the data in the esoteric sense. Since it is practically impossible to get any further than the system lock...

    The lack of further action may not be what we are all looking for, at least we do have a utility like TreoHelper that provides a line of security that other systems do not have.

    As for this being off topic - not in the least. It is a logical extension of the thread. I take great interest in learning about system security and the various utilities available.



    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdType
    Again, with TealLock you only get the system's default lock screen when an external program like TreoHelper locks the device. In that state, TealLock does not provide any of its security measures like wiping the device after a number of bad password attempts. This also hinders activating a lock using other clever methods.

    What is really needed is a way to bit wipe from SMS. Hopefully someone will create an API to activate it directly and TreoHelper can add it. Ive emailed PDA Defense. Sorry for being off topic but security is a real issue when it comes to backups on any computer.
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    Has anyone actually gotten Teallock to work consistently well on a GSM model? It has messed up my 180 and my 600 (both GSM). And their service was no help.
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