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    <<The hole on my Krusell case does not line up perfectly with the speaker, but I can hear without problems>>

    Thanks for the response, wvutdre79. When you say the "speaker," are you referring to the ear speaker that goes against your ear when you're on a phone call, or the speakerphone on the back? My understanding is that the plastic on the cutout version covers the keys and the top portion of the phone where the ear speaker is. I didn't think there was a cutout for that speaker, and was wondering if there's any problem hearing callers through the plastic that I assume covers that speaker. Thanks.

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    Oops...kenmaryj, there are a couple slots on the back for the speakerphone. The case doesn't seem to inhibit the mediocre speaker (I've got a Nextel, so I'm spoiled by a real speakerphone). I was referring to the speaker for your ear, however...that's the part that doesn't always line up quite right. It doesn't seem to matter, though, and I've thought of using a single hole punch through the plastic to make it fit, but since it doesn't seem to matter anyway...why mess up a good thing? Anyway, great case.
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    OK,thanks, gotcha. I didn't think there was any cutout hole for the ear speaker, but I guess there is. Naturally I hope that if I get one, the hole lines up, but it doesn't sound as if it's a big problem if it doesn't. Thanks.
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