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    I was in the store playing the Tungsten and boy oh boy I love the display size, 320 and size of the keyboard. For me I am more of a Web'er, Emailer than I am a Phoner so I was thinking if Palm took the guts out of the Tungsten except for the display.

    Dropped in the Treo guts poked a couple of holes in the read for the speakers and then filled the open space with more battery then I would be a happy camper.
    Could this be done?
    Does anyone feel the same or am I in Art Bell's coast-to-coast world
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    Sounds like an upgraded Treo 300 to me. Palm did have a cellphone option (I think a Tungsten) that was mostly a big screen. Maybe that's what you are really looking for. I don't know if it came with a keyboard. It sounds like a blackberry might not be too far from what you are looking for.
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    How about something like this? That way you could have a full 320x480 rez screenie too!
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