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    I notice that PalmOne has a new Palm Desktop for Mac, version 4.2.1. (
    Under device compatibility, the Treo series is NOT listed. Anyone try this yet with a Treo 600? There is a FAQ listed on the page, but it references a .EXE file!!! Can anyone with Windows box download the FAQ to see if it mentions the Treo?

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    I'm using 4.2.1 with my Treo. No problems.

    From VersionTracker:

    What's new in this version:
    Send to Handheld droplet 1.3: The Send To Handheld Droplet allows you to send image and audio files to your palmOne handheld or expansion card. Compatible with Mac OS X (through OS X 10.3.3).

    Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.
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    Okay, I bit the bullet and loaded 4.2.1. It works fine, like you said. Thanks.

    I'm curious about the "voice memo" conduit and application that was added. According to the help file, this will only work with the "voice memo" program on the Palm. I'm using the GSM Cingular Treo, with the latest firmware, I've used Audacity, etc...but I'd love something MUCH simpler. Does anyone know if this is on the slate for a future Treo 600 update? Why add the conduit?
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    Remember, this software isn't just for the Treo600. Other Palms have voice recording. Eventually/hopefully, so will the Treo 600.

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