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    I was at a store earlier today (6th Ave. & 38th St.) that has just about every Treo 600 accessory imaginable. There I saw the external battery and was told that it was rated at 1200 mAh, and I mentioned that the Treo already came with an 1800 mAh battery, to which I was told I was completely mistaken.

    I've checked all references to this battery rating and nothing on any official Palm site mentions this value. I'm I wrong?

    I was also offered a palmOne unbranded/unlocked GSM Treo with the latest firmware upgrade for $750 with a form-fitting case thrown it. Is this a good deal considering availability?

    OT: I picked up a SONY TH55 so that I can have access to Wi-Fi with the $100 rebate deal from Office Depot. Let's see if this is a keeper.
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    Wireless Doc,

    Yeah, the external battey is 1250 mAh and the internal battery in the Treo is 1800 mAh. I wrote a whole review of the external battery in the accessories forum before the crash with pics, screen shots etc...hopefully Treocentral can restore it soon..

    Also, $750 bucks for an unlocked Treo seems pretty steap to me especially when you can find it under contrat for as low as $299 these days. You can just apply the unlock yourself...anyway just my .02...
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    Thanks for the confirmation about the battery. I wonder why this isn't mentioned on the palmOne site.

    I guess if can be sure that whatever unlocking you do is not going to invalidate the warranty or cause trouble with the carriers, it's a slam dunk.
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    Unfortunately I think any unlocking will not view nicely by the carriers (if they ever find out) and probably void the warranty. It's an interesting comparison though.

    If you could buy one for $299, you could probably buy out your contract and still be way under the $750 price.

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