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    When you say "without additional cost" does that mean you're paying for return shipping costs if the need to exchange it after the beta preriod ends because of a design change?
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    Here's my concern........

    You are looking for people to beta test your product. But in order to become a beta tester a person has to pay you the MSRP for a cradle. Then at the end of the beta test period if you decide to change the design of the cradle the person has to ship the cradle back to you so you can exchange it.

    If you don't pay the shipping costs for the return of the cradle, basically what you're doing is asking beta testers to take a financial risk. A risk which might cost them money. In essence this seems just like a way to get one of your cradles before it's really made available. And the risk is the final design might change, forcing the person to pay for shipping the old cradle back for an exchange.

    Perhaps you should consider sending beta testers who requre returns a postage paid label or pre-paid UPS label of some sort to eleviate this problem.
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    ArcBody, I admire the cradle you've designed... but imo, what happens when you want to use the external battery? I assume you cannot remove the metal stand and thus this wouldn't be possible... I already own an external battery and would love to find a cradle or stand that could be attached to the Treo+external-battery, but that is also removeable...

    Anyway, very nice design none-the-less...
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    Let me get this straight. I can pay for the pleasure of helping you make a product. I'm missing something here. Why would I want to pay to help you? Last time I looked, you should be paying us to help you. Or at the very least let us keep the cradle for free.
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    Yeah, Rich. That's what I was aluding to in my first post. Doesn't make sense to me. This is the first beta test I've heard where people are being asked to pay for the beta product. Like I said, really it's more of an pre-release sale. And the sale comes with a financial risk. If they cradle designed is changed you have to pay to ship your cradle back to be exchanged. (Unless ArcBody comes back and says they're are going to pay for return shipping.)
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    I am selling a new kind of car. With a new design. I am not sure if it will work or not. What I would like is for someone to drive it for me and see if it works. First you have to buy the car and pay me. Then come get it or you can pay to have it shipped to you.

    Once you get it if it sucks and everyone agrees it sucks then you can drive it back to me...or pay someone to drive it back. And then I will maybe fix maybe what is wrong with it and then you can come get it or pay someone to drive it back to you.

    The good thing is you get to drive this car before we know if it works!!!

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    Exactly. You are "SELLING" them. This is not a "BETA TEST" as you so describe in you initial post.

    If you're not sure it'll work you should give the cradles to a few tester before you start charging people for them.

    How is it a good thing to "drive this car before we know if it works?" That makes no sense at all. What's good about paying for something that I don't know works? If I buy something I expect all the bugs to have been worked out and whatever it is I purchased to work flawlessly.
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    Hmm, no response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    Exactly. If I buy something I expect all the bugs to have been worked out and whatever it is I purchased to work flawlessly.
    With the possible exception of our lovely Treos...LOL <<<Just kidding
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    This is the best cradle solution I've seen yet. Nice work! Will I be one of the first ones to jump? Probably not. I am more apt to let others "test" it for you and wait for the final product.
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    Your design and commitment to a quality product is laudable. I appreciate it when someone pays attention to the details. However, your beta "program" just doesn't seem to be giving anything to the beta "testers", even potentially costing them more than the first "retail" buyer...

    But again, don't think that reflects on your product, which you appear to have spent a lot of time on. Nice job!
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    I totoally agree dune.

    Love the product idea. Hate the marketing plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcBody
    Treo 600 Cradle - Beta Test Program
    You Totally Missed the Boat.

    I see a few show-stopper points right now without having to buy and pay shipping and taxes on a beta test unit. I'd gladly pay $150 or maybe even more if these points are addressed.

    You went to the trouble to make the fit & finish excellent. That's great. Supposedly that's because you recognize that some people are willing to pay for something if anyone would just offer a product that wasn't junky crap. Too often, there simply is no option to pay more and get something actually good and you are forced to live with crap.

    So you are attempting to offer that option. Great. Sign me up, I want that.

    Except, you failed miserably on functionality!

    The audio connector and hot sync cable needs to be BUILT-IN and directed out the bottom-rear so that you can have audio, power, and sync connections permanently attached to the cradle and you just put the treo on & off of the cradle.

    Ideally, there should be a single cable coming immediately from the rear of the cradle whci then splits into audio, power, and usb connectors only after at least a couple feet away from the cradle. Maybe longer so it can run along a table or desk if necessary.

    If the cable came out of the bottom rear of upper plastic treo-holding part of the cradle that would be less desireable but an understandable compromise for the sake of practical manufacturing, but I see no reason why the cable can't go through the base. It's a total redesign of the base parts and requires more machining steps, increasing manufacturing cost, but there are no actual technical difficulties.

    Hooking up a minimum of two wires from the underside, after inserting the treo, every time, is NOT convenient.

    Looking at a minimum of two wires hanging there lying loose on the table near the base of the cradle is NOT elegant looks. Neither is looking at those two wires sticking out of the botom of the treo when they are hooked up, especially since the bottom is pointing somewhat forward, causing the cables to stick out forward. It basically cancels out all the gains made by having the cradle itself look so good. It looks like possibly the charge-sync cable might stay attached to the cradle instead of lying loose when the treo is not inserted, but sticking out the front like that is just as bad. The audio cable is clearly seperately attached.

    Also, you need a hotsync button. I beleive I understand that you attempt to answer the hotsync need by having the charg-sync cable end sticking out in front so you can press the hotsync button that's built in to the cable.
    Forget that. Not only is it ugly it's a recipe for breaking either the cable connector or the cradle connector or both some day. Do it right.

    The other persons comment about being able to leave an external battery permanently attached to the treo is valid too. If that required a completely seperate model of cradle, or a cradle that came with two versions of the top part that the user attached whichever they wanted, that would be an acceptable compromise I think, if you couldn't figure out a way to have a single cradle that could accept a bare treo or a treo+battery without a lot of ugly adapters and adjusters and spacers and such.

    The comments about the backwards incentive arrangement for beta testing are also quite valid. If I pay $150 for something, and it will cost me two more shipping charges to get the replacement if the beta test results in a design change, I have incentive to not recommend any changes and so the product may not benefit from the beta test phase.

    That said, please don't be discouraged! Please Make This Product!
    Make the _good_ version of it and I'll buy it even if it costs more than $150.

    The current version I wouldn't buy for $20 because even the stock cradle does a better job of looking nice and being conveniently functional by hiding the cable and providing a hotsync button.
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    Excellent points, and on your first post at that.

    Very well said.
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    Agree lgreenburg, but he is longer winded then ME! Do we really need another windbag on this forum?

    KIDDING KeyofR!!! good post!
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    Also, I don't see a point to the swivelling one. I don't much like the way it looks either since I don't find teflon washers particularly easthetic.

    Given that, if we limit design concerns to the simpler non-swivel model, implimenting my integrated cable idea should be much simpler.

    I am tempted to buy a non-swivel, 60 degree model and just modify it myself.

    It should present a not impossible challenge seeing as I have successfully added an internal microphone and a audio line-in jack to my HP zd7000 series laptop for one example.
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    Not my first post
    I think I joined recently enough though that nothing about me was in their not very current backup at the time of the crash. I had to re-register for example.
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    Basically I want the functionality of this device (which is not quite available yet):

    But packaged up into the looks and materials of your device.

    Maybe you can contact Seidio and licence part of their design so that you don't have to invent it. Just pass the cost along to us.
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    ArcBody writes like spam. It's creepy.
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