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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcBody
    Why are you "looking a bit lopsided"?
    Little strokes -- aging is hell.

    Did dying hurt?
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    Members, your comments have been unconstructive, inflammatory, and off topic. This thread is being closed based off these posts.

    I must admit I am dissapointed, because here we have an individual who is commited to developing a real product for the Treo 600. Instead of helping him out as we normally do here, many of you have attacked him - this is not in the spirit of These kind of actions will not encourage developers to make new products for Treo users.

    Hardware is not the same as software - it cannot be given away with no financial loss. Therefore it is perfectly resonable that ArcBody charges for pre release versions - admitting that they are in beta, and not final. He is being truthful about the status of the device, and is not "tricking" you into buying a "final" version that really isn't final.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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