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    I was issued a replacement 600 a few days ago and woke up this morning and realized that I cannot hear anything through the sound at all. I can communicate just fine on speakerphone, but nothing else...anyone else had a similar problem? Are replacements prone to such failures?

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    No sound! Boy can I relate to your problem. I'm waiting for my 3rd replacement. No sound in my original unit, the 2nd unit (which I am using now buzzes so much and drops almost every call it is unuseable) took about 1 week to get. My 3rd unit took a month to get. The speaker, speaker phone and head set were non-functional the day I got it. My 4th unit is now delayed in shipment.

    Palm has a real problem with the Treo 600, they don't care, and their customer service ranks among the worst I have ever had to deal with.

    Sorry for the bad news, but be prepared for more aggravation than you can imagine.

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