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    I just got a used Treo 180, which is unlocked. I inserted my Cingular SIM card into it, it read the card, shows my number and all my text messages are there. When I try to connect to a network it only shows me AT&T and voicestream. I tried to register on those two networks, for the heck of it, of course it didnít let me on. I am in Syracuse NY and would really like to use this phone.

    Will a Treo 180 or 270 work in NY State?

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    You might be out of luck. I believe that Cingular is using its old 850 mHz system for its GSM conversion in some states, and the Treo 180/270 is only 900/1900 mHz. You would need a quad band Treo (e.g. Treo 600). FWIW, I was just back in the Kingston/NY Thruway area, and got Cingular GSM along most major routes.
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    The strangest thing, I was able to get the "Cingular Extended" (aka T Mobile / AT&T) services after unlocking my old Nokia. I'm not sure why this is the case, but it works. I have switched to AT&T and have found their native gsm to work much better than cingular's (both on my nokia and treo).


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