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    I would like to synchronize my email with my outlook inbox. I.e. now that my business email has been penetrated by junkmail, I would like to delete email only once and not again on my notebook.

    Less important but also desirable is to synch my subfolders as I keep my client emails there.

    Can anyone recommend the best software for this. I currently use a free app that I got from that I thought was a sprint app. BTW, for general purposes this email has worked flawlessly, once I got it set up, and got me through tax season
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    To sync the Indox and subfolders you need an IMAP compliant e-mail app. Snappermail is supposed to come out with one but it looks like it might not be a full featured IMAP app. (Check out the thread "Snappermail and IMAP").

    I am trying Basejet right now and it works well at synch'ing the Inbox. I haven't messed around with synch'ing subfolders yet. For me, I doubt Basejet is a viable option because the price is too high.

    Sprint has Business Connections which synchs well -- at least when it's running. I have had a lot of reliability issues with this app, as have others. You have to keep a redirector running on your workstation at all times to receive mail. It seems to me that the IMAP compliant apps which connect to your e-mail server are the best route.

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